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Loki: 1x5

Journey Into Mystery

Sylvie learns from Renslayer that Loki was teleported to the Void, a dimension at the end of Time where everything the TVA prunes is dumped into. Meanwhile, Loki learns from his other variants that a cloud-like creature named Alioth guards the Void and prevents anyone from escaping. In an attempt to reach Loki, Sylvie prunes herself, and narrowly escapes Alioth with Mobius’s help. Boastful Loki attempts to betray the other Lokis for another Loki variant (who was elected president in his timeline), causing a fight to ensue, forcing Loki and his variant allies to escape. After reuniting with Loki, Sylvie proposes a plan to approach Alioth and enchant it, in hopes that it will lead them to the real mastermind behind the TVA’s creation. As the Lokis head toward Alioth, Mobius uses a TemPad Sylvie stole from Renslayer to return to the TVA. Kid Loki and Reptile Loki escape while Classic Loki creates a large illusion of Asgard to distract Alioth and sacrifices himself in the process.

Loki: 1E5
Loki: 1E5
Jul. 07, 2021